Traill’s Pass (Pindari Kanda) - A Socio, Eco & Adventure Tourism Expedition (TP-ASEATE – 2016)

Altitude : 

5312 Mts.

Coordinates :

30°19′10″N 80°01′40″E

Organised By :

Himalayan Trekkers & Mountaineers (HITAM)

Expedition Leader : 

Sh. Shiv Singh Negi
About Expedition Leader
Sh. Shiv Singh Negi is a renowned mountaineers of Garhwal. He is a trained mountaineer.  He has more than 30 years of mountaineering experience and submitted many Himalayan peaks and also led many expedition. He has also participated in many rescue operations.
Courses: Basic Mountaineering course (1984), Advance Mountaineering Course (1986) with ‘A ‘Grade, Search & Rescue Course (1st Batch -1987), Mountain guide from NIM Uttarkashi.
Member: Mt. Kedardome Expedition (1986), Mt. Shivling India Army Expedition (2007), Mt. Satopnath Pre Everest Expedition (2008)
Leader: Mt. Bandarpunch (1993), Mt. Baby Shivling and Bharat Kuntha (1994), Mt. Kedar Dome (1995), Mt. Swargarohini II, The Himalayan Socio – Ecological Expedition Kalindikhal (1991), Mt. Kalindi (1997), Mt. Abhi Gamin (1999) & many other high altitude himalayan treks.
Liaison Officer: With German expedition to Mt. Shivling (1987), British Expedition to CB13, British Expedition to Nanda Devi East (1994)

Trail Pass Expedition 2016

Expedition Experience of Pramod Kala

आज का दिन मन, मस्तिष्क और शरीर को आगे बढ़ने के लिए तैयार करने का दिन था | सुबह से ही तय कार्यक्रम के अनुसार दल नायक श्री नेगी जी और कुछ सदस्य आवश्यक क्लाइम्बिंग टूल्स के साथ रॉक वाल की ओर बढे और शेष कैंप में ही आगे की तैयारी करते रहे | बादलों की लुका छुपी के बीच रॉक वाल पर साथी लोग कभी-कभी ही दिख पा रहे थे | 

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About Traill's Pass / Pindari Kanda
In 1830 the pass was crossed under leadership of local man Malik Singh Buda of Supi village. It remains uncertain whether Traill himself was part of the party or simply the sponsor of the enterprise. Despite its geographic importance Traill’s pass was far too difficult to become a trade route, and its dangers only increased as the glaciers commenced their long retreat during the 20th century. Till date total thirteen repeat crossings has been recorded out of which Eight in 20th Century. Traill's pass lies in the main chain of the Kumaun Himalaya, between Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot, at the head of the Pindari glacier. Locally known as Pindari Kanda and named as Traill’s pass, After George William Trail, the British Commissioner of Kumaon. William Traill prompted the development of new trails and trade routes. One such was a direct route from Almora to Tibet linking Pindari & Milam Valley.
Pindari glacier zero point is a popular trekking destination and number of visitor visit it. What faces a visitor to Pindari glacier at the Zero Point, along its left lateral moraine, is an immense wall of jagged, broken ice criss­crossed with thousands of seracs and crevasses. The upper icefields of the glacier are invisible from there and the near level ice mass at its lower end at the snout below recedes into insignificance. What people call the Pindari glacier is actually a huge icefall passing over a steep slope, through which a direct ascent has yet to be made. Above this lie the ice fields of the surrounding heights and the nave basin of the glacier, some 8 kms long, separated from the ridge above with a text-book fashion bergschrund. The lowest point on the ridge at 5312 mts is the Traill’s Pass. Beyond the pass to the north and east lies the Lwan valley whose catchment is the Gori Ganga valley.
Background of Expedition
Uttarakhand is popularly known as Devbhumi (land of Gods) due to the presence of numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites. As a result, religious tourism forms a major portion of the tourism in the state and with the religious tourism, adventure tourism also plays a major role in tourism activity of Uttarakhand. Uttrakhand is in the top list of adventure sports lovers all around the world. 
HITAM is working in socio, eco tourism in uttarakhand since last 25 years and had carried out detail ecological study of higher Himalayas. HITAM supports local folks to develop the socio, eco based adventure tourism in Uttarakhand and to achieve it’s target, develops an Eco-task Force at Village Live. HITAM organizes activities throughout the year, eg. Training programs, camp & eco study tours. The aim of these programs is to locate the talented youth, who are nature lovers, energetic and filled with enthusiasm. The candidate thus found suitable are selected to expedition, which are done under the guidance of experts. HITAM believes that only those who understand environment can help it, its restoration. Secondly, only crazy, hard workers can work in the adverse conditions of high mountains. So, with the help of identified youngers HITAM not only do climbing expeditions but also generate environmental awareness in the remote areas and execute field work in the higher mountain.
The Flash flood of June 2013 affected the Mandakini, Alaknanda & Bhagirathi valley very badly. It not only took the lives of several people but also divested the employment of several people and ruined the tourism business of these valleys. In September 2013, Uttarakhand government rebuit the vanished roads and tried to start the Gangotri & Badrinath religious tours to overcome from disaster’s effect. And at the same time to promote the adventure tourism in the area and to study the disaster effect in the high Himalayas HITAM organised a High Altitude Lamakhaga Pass Trek (Bahgirathi Valley to Baspa Valley) from 27th Sep. 2013 to 5th Oct. 2013. The flash flood of 2013 not only clinched the tourism on Mandakini, Alaknanda & Bhagirathi valley but it affected the whole Uttarakhand tourism business. 
In past decades we have noticed that most of the people are migrating from villages of Uttarakhand to cities and employment is one of the main cause for this. The geography of these hills doesn’t allow to establish big industries in this area but the Great Himalayas has gifted us the great calm nature, which is the current demand of all people around the globe, who have now shifted in crowded cities. HITAM understood the challenge that to stop the any further migration, local people must be fully aware about on cultural & eco-tourism. So that they can save the environment & nature around them and can earn money in their home. The local tradition & cultural events of these people are limited to them, which can play major role to improve the cultural tourism in these remote areas and awareness of the Uttarakhand government’s home stay scheme will connect them to the tourists.
Thus to promote the adventure tourism activities in Uttarakhand, to make a clear route map of Trail pass route, to study the Pindar & Lwan glacier condition, to study the socio, economic life of Pindar valley and Darma valley, HITAM organised The Traill’s Pass – A Socio, Eco & Adventure Tourism Expedition (TP-ASEATE – 2016).
Planned Itinerary



Day 1

New Tehri to Tharali (Approx. 200 Km., 7 to 8 Hrs. Road Journey)

Day 2

Tharali to Loharkhet (Approx. 150 km., 5 hrs. Road Journey)

Day 3

Loharkhet to Dhakuri, 11 Km. Approx 7 KM. trek. A Gradual ascending to Dhakuri Pass.

Day 4

Dhakuri to Khati -11 Km. trek

Day 5

Khati to Dwali - 11 Km. trek

Day 6

Dawali to Furkiya (3200m) - 7 km. trek

Day 7

Furkiya to BC (3700m) After crossing the Pindari river log bridge.

Day 8

Base camp to Sura Kharak (4100m)

Day 9

Sura Kharak to Takhta Kharak camp (4400m)

Day 10

Takhta Kharak to ABC near Rock wall (4800m) and rope fixing

Day 11

ABC near Rock wall to Ridge Camp (5400m)

Day 12

Ridge Camp to Camp 1(5300m)

Day 13

Camp 1 – Camp 2 Near Traill's Pass (5300 m)

Day 14

Camp 2 to Lawan Glacier Camp over Traill’s Pass (5312m)

Day 15

Lawan Glacier camp to Lawan snout camp (3800m)

Day 16

Lawan snout camp to Martoli village (3300m)

Day 17

Martoli village to Bogdiyar (2400m)

Day 18

Bogdiyar to Lilam (2200m)

Day 19

Lilam to Dhaba and drive to Munsiyari.

Day 20

Munsiyari to Gwaldam (229 Km., 8-9 Hrs. Road Journey)

Day 21

Gwaldom to New Tehri (217 Km., 8-9 Hrs. Road Journey)

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