Bhavishya Badri

Route : Haridwar - Rishikesh - Srinagar - Karanprayag - Joshimath - Tapovan - Bahvishya Badri
Time : April 2009
Submitted By : Annu Bahuguna
April 2009, two continuous holiday 12 and 13, I got nice opportunity to start my Himalayan journey in coming season. I wanted to make this trip a combination of Trekking, Biking and holy so I made a plan for Bhavishy Badri, which is more then 300 km. from my town Roorkee and I just need to manage 1-2 days additional leaves for the trip. I asked my travel partner Pramod for the trip and as usual he became ready. I moved at 2:30 PM from Roorkee on 10 Apr 2009 by bike and reached Srinagar by 8:00 PM. I stayed with lokesh and next morning at 7:00 AM we continued our journey.
Now Lokesh had also joined me, Lokesh, the best photographer and my photography guru. We reached at kaliasaur before 7:30 AM and went to Dhari Devi temple. We did there puja and came back. We left the kaliasaur at 9:15 AM and reached Nagrasu at 10:00 AM. We had there breakfast and from there we moved to Joshimath by 11:30 AM. Pramod and Anil Tolia (Pramod's Collogue belongs to Niti Valley) joined us in pramod's bike. Whole route was looking very scenic as it's starting of summer and all the peaks were snowy, weather was clear and open sky. We reached at Joshimath by 2:30 PM and had lunch there. We wanted to visit Auli and then wanted to move to Tapovan but ropeway was under maintenance so we changed our plan and moved directly to Niti valley. After 10 KM. from Joshimath we got wonderful view of Nanda devi Peak. We stayed there for more then 1/2 hrs. and moved towards Tapovan. After 2 km. we got a Nanda Devi peak view point and stayed there again. We thought to stay at this place till sun set and wanted to view Nanda Devi in sun set but we had time so everybody agreed to go beyond tapovan. We knew that permission is required from Malari. So we decided to visit lata village.

We reached at Lata road head where villagers live in winter. Now they had migrated in their main village 2 km. from here. All the houses were empty. We parked our bike under a shop shed and started trekking to lata village. An unknown mountain was looking awesome in sun set. From road there is a steep climb to lata village. we reached there before complete dark and asked villagers for night stay. A person Raghubir singh Rana proposed us to stay in his home and we went with him. He opened a room. Actually they came back just 2 days back from their winter houses so the rooms were not ready but they managed everything within 30 minutes. It was their festival time as the Idol of Nanda Devi shifts to main Nanda Devi Temple on Baisakhi. After dinner we enjoyed their local festival where villagers were playing Jumelon (Folk Dance). We wanted to record the festival but villagers didn't allow us even to take a single photograph, we respected their feelings and record the whole program in our memory and enjoyed a lot.
Next morning we visited main Nanda Devi Temple which was closed and had to open next day but we had to return back so we came down and did breakfast in Raghuvir's home. He provided us nice hospitality. He is 47 years old and an experienced guide. Then we moved to road head and soon we were at Saldhar, base for Bhavishya Badri. We started Trekking at 10:00 AM. It's a 2 km steep climb from here and then 1.5 km. gentle climb to Subhai village. From here route became more picturesque and one enjoys the hiking. There is a temple situated in subhai village which is also known as Bhavishya Badri. But as per the local people original temple is situated in forest, after 1.5 km. from village which is again a climb but not ascent. We reached at temple by 12:00 Noon. Temple is situated in a wonderful location but it's condition is bad and it must required renovation as soon as possible.

Before leaving Roorkee, I read a blog which shows the Bhavishya Badri route is not clear and confusing so one can get confused in the route, but as per our experience route is easy and one can reach their easily if he takes some idea from local people enroute. We stayed there for 1 hrs. now weather had changed and it was time to return as we have collected all the information what we want and now we wanted to reach Nagarsu today. we ate snack in a shop at subhai village and reached at road head by 2:30 PM. We read that Bhavishya Badri is 7 km. from road head but as per my trekking experience it's not more then 5 km. yet we didn't scale it.

Now it had raining with winds but we started our bikes and moved to joshimath. We took 1 and 1/2 hrs to reach joshimath from there (not more then 25 km.) due to bad road condition and dusty wind.
We stayed for 30 min at Birahi and had their maggy and tea. we reached at karanprayag before complete dark. Now the road condition was very bad between karanprayag and gaucher, which we had been crossing in headlights with wind. Rain again started at Gaucher but we were at nagrasu before 08:00 PM. We stayed there in a hotel and next day we left to srinagar by 8:00 AM. I had the breakfast at Srinagar and left srinagar by 11:00 AM and reached roorkee before 4:30 PM. Trip was nice and we visited more then our expectations specially we visited Lata village without any prior plan and where we enjoyed the local festival.

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