Kedar Tal Trek

Route : Gangotri - Bhoj Kharak - Kedar Kharak - Kedar Tal
Time : 2005
Submitted By : Pramod Kala


Uttrakhand a land of snowy peaks, glaciers, Bugyals, Beautiful valleys, natural springs, dense forest and a rich culture. Uttarakhand is heaven for nature lover, trekker and mountaineers. Month of September is the best for trekking so we had done our planning and fixed schedule for kedar tal, which is located near gangotri in the uttarakashi district. We (Raju bhai, Badola ji & Myself) started from kotdwar by bus and our destination was uttarakashi for that day. Raju Bhai and Badola ji love trekking and also hiking since a long time, I was lucky to join them. We reached uttarakashi by evening and met our fourth team member Shiv singh negi. I was amazed to see his love and dedication for trekking & mountaineering in this age. We gathered all the information about trek from NIM uttarakashi and hired porter from uttarakashi.

Next morning we got up early and reached gangotri by 1-2 pm, We packed our baggage and started trekking. In starting porter was not ready but we started with “Ganga Maiyya ki jai”. After crossing Bahgirathi by bridge we gave messages to our family members from local PCO. I purchased a walking stick. There was steep climb in starting. The trail goes through dense forest of Deodar to the left side of Bhagirathi. After climbing till next few km., gangotri was still visible just down. While hiking this trail Negiji was sharing his experience. He had done Basic, Advance & Rescue course from NIM uttarakashi and had provided service to many TV channels which are discovering this area. He had already climbed many Himalayan peaks. I was trying to collect maximum information, but the route was so steep so we couldn’t talk for a long time. Uttarakhand is definitely a challenging task for them who loves trekking in virgin mountains. Trekking is also best option to see the tradition & culture of the area.
It was evening now but we were unable to find the proper place for camping, There were many screezones in the trail so we were hiking very carefully. A little mistake could change the scene. Now the low altitude vegetation had ended and high altitude vegetation started. A dense birch forest started now. While crossing this forest we got an open area which is known as “Bhoj Kharak”. We decided to stay there because there was no safe camping area till the next few km. This place was 9 km. from Gangotri. We gathered some wooden piece and burn fire. We were 6 and were feeling congested in the tent but we had to manage. While dinner preparation we shared old experiences, one porter sang very good songs after dinner.
Next morning after having breakfast we moved fordward, after walking for few minutes the birch forest ended and grass land started.
In between we had to walk on boulders. The trail was sliding so we were walking very carefully. While following this trail I was enjoying Himalayan beauty, which was a different experience and can’t be explained by words. It was a fearful enjoyment for what I visit the great Himalayas. After such a tough hike we reached at Kedar Kharak and pitched our tent there. It was 1 PM and after having snacks we planned to visit Kedar Tal same day. After taking necessary things & compass we moved to kedar tal which was 4 km. from here, but it was a tough trail, after few minutes walking we were walking on big boulders. It was very risky to cross that area but It was like heaven, world of glaciers in open area. We were hearing the avalanches sound, coming from glaciers which was horrifying us. While hearing such sounds and walking on a ridge we saw a big blue lake “Kedar Tal“. The lake is located at 4425 mts. Mountaineers make it base camp while submit to Group of Jogin Peaks.
After climbing down for few meters we reached at Kedar Tal. We stayed here for little time and enjoyed the beautiful painting of God. Soon we got the back trail to kedar kharak. Enroute we faced blizzard for few minutes. We reached at kedar kharak very late and in dark. We prepared dinner and portor sang songs after dinner. Next morning we got up early and finish daily routine job. After breakfast we walked very fast till Gangotri. We got the taxi for uttarakashi after Gangotri Temple visit. We did this trek in a short time but this was one of my good trek and gives me lot of energy whenever I remember it.

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