Wide range of mechanical equipment for coaters
Update:2019-03-29 Page View:2094

With the continuous development of society, the wide application of mechanical equipment has brought great convenience to our lives. Everyone knows that the packaging box needs to be sealed with adhesive tape. The use of the coating machine can speed up the work and increase the production efficiency. With the development of production technology, the high-speed tape coating machine has been well received by everyone in the market. So, how does the coater work? Let's take a look at it.

There are two coating methods, one is to apply the emulsion on the screen by a plurality of wet-wet operations, or to add a drying process after each coating. A machine for metering a liquid (or melt) polymer material such as a binder or a coating on a surface of a material. Damage to the concrete foundation of the coating machine Due to corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, the coating machine will also cause damage to the concrete base and other parts, resulting in loosening of the bolts of the fastening equipment, which seriously affects production. The traditional concrete pouring method will make the repair time greatly prolonged, which is difficult for enterprises to accept. The polymer composite material also solves this problem very well. The impact resistance and compressive strength of the material itself is far greater than that of the current concrete material, and it is also adhered to steel and other rough surfaces, which can be quickly solidified and repaired. New scientific research results on the damage of the concrete base of the coating machine.