Insight: Automation products that outperform the market average
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Although everyone felt the downward trend of the automation industry last year, the data of the gongkong market research department showed that the Chinese automation market (including products and services) increased by about 10% in 2018, and the overall situation still exceeded expectations. The market is expected in the next few years. The fluctuations will not be too big.

But from the point of view of automation products, there are still many products that are worthy of attention.

Insight: Automation products that outperform the market average

According to gongkong statistics, in 2017, in addition to the negative growth of motion control products in the automation market in 2018, other types of products such as control systems, drive systems, feedback agencies and executives performed better than the overall market average.

Feedback agency class leads the market

The feedback agency market is eye-catching. Among them, the general-purpose sensors have maintained steady growth, and the prospect of high-end sensors represented by machine vision is still optimistic.

Particularly outstanding performance is the online moisture meter, which has experienced explosive growth, mainly due to mandatory environmental protection requirements in the municipal water sector, which has brought strong growth to the market.

In addition, process safety products such as process measurement instruments, as the just-needed products of the petrochemical industry, the market performance is relatively stable.

Control system market achieves double-digit growth

Driven by the project-based market, mainly due to the market increase brought by smart cities and smart water, the project-based market maintained double-digit growth. Among them, the medium and large PLC market has grown significantly.

Thanks to the growth of emerging industries and chemical industries, HMI and DCS have performed well. With the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, these types of product application markets will also be gradually released, including the industrial Internet cross-border product IPC.

Part of the drive system market

Among the driving products, the medium and high voltage inverters performed very well, and the growth rate exceeded 20%. The growth was mainly from metallurgical chemicals and biomass power generation.

The executive market is down

The regulating valve is also driven by the project-type market, and the growth rate is higher than the average growth rate of the market. Products that are suitable for high currents are subject to constant attention.

Motion control market

Affected by the influence of the 3C industry, sports control did not perform well last year, but the overall market share of control products maintained an upward trend.

Gongkong suggested that there is no need to negatively look at the downturn of the motion control market. The motion control is still in the lead-in period and the development period. The downturn in the market is only a temporary phenomenon.

Insight: Automation products that outperform the market average

In the long run, during the nearly 10 years from 2009 to 2018, not only the motion control, but also the feedback mechanism and control system showed a trend of increasing market share.

Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that many products with relatively large market increments are driven by the project-oriented market.

The fact is that from 2014 to 2018, the growth rate of the project-based market last year was higher than the growth rate of the equipment manufacturing (OEM) market for the first time.

Project-based markets, such as metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and other industries, are affected by supply-side reforms, environmental protection requirements, and profit enhancement, and demand is continuously released. The oil and gas industry is affected by the “new infrastructure” investment boom, the participation of diversified investment entities, and the digital oilfields. Advance; the automotive industry, new energy vehicle investment, automotive industry chain changes, etc., led to increased demand for automation products.

The downturn in the OEM market will not last long. As the industry cycle progresses, related automation products will continue to grow.

In addition to traditional industries, emerging industries such as lithium batteries, logistics, bio-industry, energy storage and other industries are growing at a faster rate, which will bring new growth points to automation products.

On the whole, Gongkong Jun also gave everyone a strong shot. Our China's economic regulation and control capability is still very strong. In 2019, the automation market will enter an adjustment cycle. It is expected that the market demand will gradually recover after 2020.