Nandi Kund

Nandi Kund is a located approx. 4800 mts. in Madhymaheshwar - kalpeshwar trail. The trail commands a beautiful view of lush green meadows and lofty snow covered peaks. There are some very old woods, which are worshipped, as belonging to the Pandavas. It is a lake spread over an area of one and a half km. The Trail covers Madhymaheshwar, kachani Dhar, Kachani Tal, Pandav Sera, & Nandi Kund. Shiva is worshipped at Madmaheshwar in the form of navel - shaped lingum. Located at an altitude of 3,289 mts, the classic temple architecture belongs to the north - Indian style. The Pandav sera valley is 3-4 km. wide and local people believe that Pandavas stayed here for a long time, dig a canal and transformed it into a cultivable land. 

General Information

Location: Garhwal Himalaya
Type: Strenuous
Altitude: 5000 mts.
Best Season: June & September

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