Vasuki Tal

Vasuki tal is an enchanting lake approached from a steep climb of 14 kms from Kedarnath. The trek from Kedarnath to Vasuki Tal is a continous Ascent along a goat track and it offers a panoramic view Of Chaukhamba peaks. The final trek to Vasuki Tal is Downhill for 1 km. At the bottom of this, one can see Rectangular slabs of rocks.  
A picturesque lake , 4135 mts. Above sea level is encirecled by lofty mountains and offers a commanding view of Chaukhamba peaks. Vasukital Lake, about kms in radius, with crystal clear waters will possibly take you into an immediate trance.

General Information

Location : 22 km. from Gaurikund.
Altitude : 4135 meter Above Sea Level.
Base : Gaurikund.


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