Karan Prayag

The icy flow from the Pindari glacial becomes the Pindari river, and when it joins the Alaknanda at 788mts, the confluence is known as Karna Prayag. The wooded thickets of the hills surrounding Karna Prayag were the meeting ground for Shakuntala and Dhyanta, immortalised in Kalidasa's immortal classic of the same name, and a favorite ballad ever since, There is a temple dedicated to Karna here, the son of queen Kunti and her fiery lover , Lord Surya. Karna's lineage was kept a secret, but he practiced austerities before his father and was granted the boon of a pair of earrings and armour that made him invincible, Ultimately, he fell in the bettle the Pandavas and Kauravas, but he remin a tragic hero for in life he never had the legitimacy he desired. Other temple at the confluence are dedicated to Narayan, Gopal, Shiva and Uma.
General Information
Nearest Airport : Jolly Grant 190 Km.
Nearest Rail : Rishikesh 173 Km.
Accommodation : A Tourist Rest House, Temple Committee Guest House, Dharamshalas and Private Hotels are available.

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