Rudra Prayag

When the Alaknanda and the MandaKini, two of the most beautiful among Himalayan rivers, meet, the confluence is called Rudra Prayag. Here so says legend, the sage Narada came, hoping to complete with Shiva ( or Rudra ) in a music composition. The smug sage was humbled, however, when the nymphs of musical composition complaint about his insensitive handling of musical composition. It was here, also that Shiva's wife, Sati was reborn after her self - immolation because her father had humiliated her husband. In her new wife, as the daughter of Himalaya, she did penence here to ask the boon of Shiva as a husband once again. The dense forests around this region are full of wildlife. and were held ransom to a man - eating tiger that was shot by the famous conservationist hunter , Jim Corbett. A plaque at Rudra Prayag commemorates the even.
General Information
Nearest Airport : Jolly Grant 159 Km.
Nearest Rail : Rishikesh 144 Km.
Accommodation : A Tourist Rest House, Pwd Inspection Bungalow, Dharamshalas and Private Hotels are available.

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