Jwalpa Devi Temple

Jwalpa devi is a Shaktipeeth sitauted on the bank of Nawalika River & approx. 34 km. from Pauri Town on Pauri-Kotdwar Road.
According to the legend daughter of asur raj Pulom prayed here to the goddes and pleased her to get Devraj Indra as husband.Devi Appeared in the form of deeptimaan Jwala, (Great Holy Fire). Since then this place is a shaktipeeth.
The temple is dedicated to devi Parvati(an incarnation of Durga) who is the Adhishtatri Devi of the himalyas. Temple was constructed by Late Shri Dutta Ram Anthwal, father of Late Shri Butha Ram Anthwal. Now Anthwal Samiti and Jwalpa Devi Samiti takes care of the temple. Anthwals are pujari,(priests), here since the temple was constructed. They offer a special puja on the occasion of navratri.

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