(Place where Pandawas lived during their exile)

According to the epic, Mahabharata, the Kauravas had once conspired to burn the Pandavas alive here in a palace made up totally of shellac, known as lakshagriha (palace of shellac). The Pandavas, however, escaped unscathed with the help of Lord Krishna. There is a historic cave here and an eighth century temple with a number of carved stone figures and two big Shivlingas, (symbolic phallus of Shiva, the Destroyer of the Universe in Hindu Mythology) all of which are of considerable archaeological importance.
The area falls under Jaunsaar-Bhabur, a tribal land where people practise polygamy and polyandry, in keeping with the customs of the times of the Pandavas (the five Pandava brothers were married to a single woman, Draupadi). There is a saying in Sanskrit - atithi devay bhava (a guest is God).

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