Mahasu Devta Temple(Hanol)

The deity of Mahasu is worshipped by people in the village of Hanol, on the eastern bank of the Tamas (Tons). 5000 ft above sea level, 132 kms from Dehradun, the temple of this deity was originally constructed in the ‘Huna’ architectural style, but over the ages it acquired a mixed style. A legend says a dreadful demon lived here and consumed at least one man from the nearby village, everyday. In one of the villages, called Mandrath, a Brahmin decided to defy this tyrant. He began to worship Shiva who directed Deolari Devi, one of his woman devotees, to help the man. She heard his story and requested her four sons to com to mandrath. She also asked the Brahmin to plough his fields. On doing this, he discovered Four Shivlings-subsequently names after Mahasu, Pavasi, Vasik and chalda, Deolari Devi’s four sons, whom she sent out in search of the demon. They surrounded him from all sides and in a battle lasting several days the demon was killed. The villagers rejoiced, and Shiva was worshipped as Mahasu ever after.
Other deities are also worshipped here in this region, which belonged to Himachal Pradesh till the British reign. It later becomes a part of uttarakhand.

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