Dodi Tal - Darwa Top Trek

Dodital is at an altitude of 3024mts, an emerald lake surrounded by dense forests of Oak, Pine and Deodar which looks more beautiful in winter. The lake is filled with Himalayan Golden Trout, but angling is prohibited to facilitate re- stocking. The Surrounding forests are rich in wildlife and one can also see a wide variety of birds. Occasionally, the Himalayan Black Bear may be sighted, as can a large number of unusually Coloured butterflies. The trek is tough in winter due to snow condition. It begins from Sangam Chatti 15 kms away from Uttarkashi crossing a bridge over the Assi Ganga. Dodi Tal is 22 km. from Sangamchatti. First day trek is approx 12 km. and we camp at Debra. Second day we reach to Dodital after 14 km. trek. Third day trek is to Darba Top and back to dodital. Fourth day is 22 km. trek and we return to Sangamchatti.

General Information

Altitude : 4115 mts.
Base : Sangam Chatti
Grade : Moderate to Tough
Duration : 07 Days
Best Season : May to October
Trekking Itinerary
Day 1:
Rishikesh - Sangamchatti
200 km. drive from Rishikesh to Sangamchatti. Departure from Rishikesh at 08:00 AM, Arrvival at Sangamchatti by 04:00 PM. Night stay at Guest House.
Day 2:
Sangamchatti - Debra
Approx. 10-12 km, trek to Debra camp site. Departure at 09:00 AM from Sangamchatti and arrival at 02:00 PM at Debra camp site. Night stay in Tent.
Day 3:
Debra - Dodital
Approx. 10-12 km. trek, Departure at 09:00 AM from Debra camp site and arrival at arrival at Dodital by 03:00 PM. Night stay in Tent.
Day 4:
Dodital - Darwa Dhar / Top
Begin the trek ascending the Darwa Dhar Ridge ( 4115 m ) - the watershed of the Ganga and Yamuna River valleys. Overnight in Tents.
Day 5:
Darwa Dhar - Midway Camp
Descend towards the Yamuna Valley. Set up camp for the night in the forest. Overnight in Tents.
Day 6:
Midway Camp-Hanuman Chatti
Continue to Hanuman Chatti ( 2400m ) located on the bamks of river Yamuna. Overnight in Forest Rest House.
Day 7:
Hanuman Chatti-Yamnotri - Hanuman Chatti
A Day trek to Yamunotri Temple; it is a gradual climb upto Yamnotri ( 3185m ). ( 10 Kms; 4-6 hrs of walking) & Back to Hanuman Chatti.
Day 7:
Hanuman Chatti - Rishikesh
Approx. 220 Km. Drive to Rishikesh.
Required Trekking Gear
* Trekking Shoes.
* Warm Clothes including Inner, Pullover, Jackets and Cap.
* Trousers, Shorts and T-Shirts, Cotton Socks.
* Wind and Rain Suit.
* Personal First Aid Kit & Personal toiletries.
* Backpacks for Clothes, water bottle, Torch & Camera

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