Roopkund Trek

This high altitude (5029 m) glacial lake falls on the Nanda Jat route to Homkund. It is not a very large lake, only 200m in circumference, with a catchments area of nearly 2 sq km. The lake is rather shallow having a depth of 2m. The edges are snow covered for most part of the year. When snow melts, one can see human and equine skeletal remains, sometimes with flesh attached; well preserved in the alpine conditions. It is found that about 300 people died about 500- 600 years ago. There are many theories to explain the findings but none satisfying to everybody. Hence the lake is also known as the "Mystery Lake". According to the locals; Raja Jasdal of Kannauj undertook a Nanda Jat together with Rani Balpa, some 550 years ago. Rani being a Princess from Garhwal was revered as a sister of Goddess Nandadevi.

Near Roopkund she gave birth to a baby. Goddess Nandadevi considered it a sacrilege in her domain and sent down a snow/hail storm. Raja's people were caught in it and perished. The present day skeletal remains belong to them.

Other than the Nanda Raj route via Wan one can approach Roopkund from Ghat. The trek takes one to Ramni and Sutol on the way wan is approached either from Tharali or Gwaldum. Thereafter one can choose reaching Roopkund via Aali bugyal or the Bedni.

With a local guide many shortcuts are possible and dramatic views of the nature with its many splendours can be seen. One may visit the tranquil lakes Brahmatal and Bhainkaltal off the route from Mundoli or Wan. A 13kms trek to Homkund is inviting albeit stiff treks and crossing Juinra-Gali Dhar.

General Information

Location: Garhwal Himalaya
Type: Strenuous
Altitude: 5029 mts.
Best Season: JMay to October
Duration: 09 Days
Trekking Itinerary
Day 1 Rishikesh - Mundoli (265 kms)
Drive to the small hamlet of Mundoli ( 2134m ), from where the trek begins. Overnight in Guest House / Tents.
Day 2 Mundoli-Bekhal Tal
Begin the trek; cross the Lahjung pass ( 2250m ) and continue to Bekhal Tal- a small lake amidst picturesque surroundings. Camp overnight. ( Aprox.8 Kms; 5-7 hrs walking )
Day 3 Bekhal Tal - Wan
Continue the trek to Wan village. The trail takes you via another small lake- Brahm Tal. Overnight in Guest House / Tents at Wan ( 2340m ). ( Aprox.10 Kms; 6-8 hrs walking )
Day 4 Wan - Bedni Bugyal
Begin the uphill trek and reach the 'Bugyals' (high altitude meadows) of Bedini ( 3354m ) - a beautiful location with magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. Camp overnight.
Day 5 Bedni-Baguabasa
Trek through the undulating grasslands to reach Baguabasa ( 3380m ). Camp overnight. ( Aprox.7 Kms; 3-4 hrs walking )
Day 6 Roopkund excursion
Trek to the mysterious 'Pond of Beauty'- Roop Kund (5029m), close to the base of the Trishul (7120m) and Nanda Ghungti (6310m) Peaks. Roopkund the mystery lake, It was a lake that, a large number of Human bones were found and through anthropologists are still working on its significance. The lake however is nestled amidst a panoramic mountain scenery. Return to camp at Baguabasa for overnight stay at Camps. ( 8-10 hrs walking )
Day 7 Baguabasa - Wan
Retrace the route back to Wan. Overnight in Guest House / Tents. ( 6-8 hrs walking )
Day 8 Wan - Mundoli
Continue downhill to Mundoli taking a direct route. Overnight in Guest House / Tents. ( 6-8 hrs walking )
Day 9 Mundoli - Rishikesh
Drive down along the river to Rishikesh. Overnight stay at Hotel.
Required Trekking Gear
* Trekking Shoes.
* Warm Clothes including Inner, Pullover, Jackets and Cap.
* Trousers, Shorts and T-Shirts, Cotton Socks.
* Wind and Rain Suit.
* Personal First Aid Kit & Personal toiletries.
* Backpacks for Clothes, water bottle, Torch & Camera

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