Mayali Pass Trek

Mayli Pass trekking route is followed by many trekkers every year. In ancient time this trek was being used by adventurous pilgrims while their pilgrimage travel from Gangotri to Kedarnath. Some followed Gangotri Budha Kedar Ghuttu Panwali Kantha Triyugi Narayan Kedarnath and some Gangotri Bedha Kedar Khatling Glacier Mayali Pass Vasuki Tal & Kedar Nath. Today Gangotri Kedarnath (Vai Audon Col s, Khatling Glacier , Mayali Pass ) is one of the toughest trek in Garhwal Himalaya reason and rarely hiked by trekkers. Some trekkers hike Audon col and some Mayali Pass. Mayali Pass Trek is loved by many trekker as one can enjoy actual Himalayan life in Gangi & Reeh, Dense himalayan forest, Beautiful Himalayan meadows, Himalayan peaks like Jogin Group, Kirti Stambh, Meru, a High altitude pass (Mayali 5000 mts.), three high altitude lakes Masar Tal, Painya Tal & Vasuki Tal and a famous pilgrim center Kedarnath.

General Information

Location: Garhwal Himalaya
Type: Strenuous
Altitude: 5000 mts.
Best Season: June & September
Duration: 11 Days
Trekking Itinerary
Day 1 Delhi - Rishikesh
Arrive Rishikesh and check into the Hotel or Tourist Rest house Rishikesh . Dinner and overnight in TRH Muni-Ki-Reti, Rishikesh.
Day 2 Rishikesh - Ghuttu
Early morning start of Ghuttu by surface about 9 hours. Overnight in camp / Hotel.
Day 3 Ghuttu - Reeh
From Ghuttu the trek begins. 7-8 km. trail initially cuts through terraed first to Deolang village. From there it's an easy 1.30 hours climb through the forest to Reeh Channi village. Night stay in tent.
Day 4 Reeh - Gangi
7-8 km. climb for an hour to Buranschauri. From Buranschuari its a two hour climb to Gangi village at 2585 mts. Overnight Camp.
Day 5 Gangi - Kharsoli
The trail drops initially for an hour to Deokhri Channi, another winter settlement for the villagers from Gangi. From there its half an hour through the forest to where the trail forks, just beyond the Kalyani stream. The left trail leads to Sahastratal lake 4872 mts. which the trail to Khatling continues straight an open area known locally as Birodh. Legend has it that this place was either the site of the old Gangi village or a meeting place for all the Bhilong villagers. From here it is two hours to Kharsali, which is a large meadow surrounded by giant conifers and Oaks, and an ideal camping place. Overnight in camp.
Day 6 Kharsoli - Chowki
5-6 km. (4-5 hrs.) trek to Chowki Camp after breakfast, Packed lunch enroute. Overnight stay in Tents.
Day 7 Chowki - Masar Tal
4-5 km. (4-5 hrs.) trek to Masar Tal Camp after breakfast, Packed lunch enroute. Overnight stay in Tents.  
Day 8 Masar Tal - Vasuki Tal
11-12 km. (8-9 hrs.) trek to Vasuki Tal after breakfast(Mayali Pass Crossing), Packed lunch enroute. Overnight stay in Tents.
Day 9 Vasuki Tal - Kedarnath - Gaurikund
7-8 Km. trek (3-4 Hrs.) to Kedarnath after breakfast. Packed lunch enroute. Overnight stay in Hotel/ Guest house.  
Day 10 Gaurikund - Rishikesh
14 Km. trek (3-4 Hrs.) to Gaurikund after breakfast. Overnight stay in Hotel/ Guest house.  
Day 11 Rishikesh - Delhi
Approx. 250 km. drive to Rishikesh after breakfast, Packed lunch enroute in Srinagar .
Required Trekking Gear
* Trekking Shoes or Sport Shoes with nice grip.
* Warm Clothes including Inner, Pullover, Jackets and Cap.
* Trousers, Shorts and T-Shirts, Cotton Socks.
* Wind and Rain Suit.
* Personal First Aid Kit & Personal toiletries.
* Backpacks for Clothes, water bottle, Torch & Camera

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